Tunipack DC® – Automatic tuna canning machine


Machine designed for precise automatic tuna canning, available for different sizes.

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The fastest and most popular tuna canning machine in the world, expanding its prestige with the DC system that adjusts the product weight in each can to automate and perfect the process.

  • High production speed in the various ranges.Constant high weight precision in canning in all models (300, 500 and GF), by means of the Density Control (DC) system.
  • Excellent cutting quality and presentation of the final product.
  • High performance that is independent of the positioning of the fish in the machine and the ability of the operators working on it.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Great versatility. Programmed filling weight adjustments without having to change the format. Allows for different can heights without having to modify the format.
  • Electrical and pneumatic installations in stainless steel channelling.
  • Posibilidad de conexión remota vía Internet. The machine is completely manufactured in stainless steel and supplied with EC certification.