Vertical V-Filler® canning


For can filling with non-compacted products.


Machine for volumetric canning that can be employed with various products (tuna and vegetables etc), at speeds of up to 200 cans per minute depending on format dimensions and product. Constructed using AISI 304 stainless steel, Delivered with EC certificate.

  • Product reception conveyor belt for feeding the machine.
  • Four vertical conveyer belts driven by a servomotor with stepping movement that is synchronised with each can.
  • Plastic nozzle that shapes the product to be introduced into the can.
  • Specially designed portion-cutting blade.
  • Can positioning star with stepping movement.
  • Filled-can output conveyor belt.
  • Safety system with hinged doors and detectors for stopping the machine if any are opened.
  • Machine fitted with can-control detectors and product sensors.
  • Machine easy-clean system.