A global brand

A few years ago, Hermasa saw its process of internationalisation as the mere export to third countries. Nowadays, its penetration rate in the five continents is so high that it currently considers the world as a single market. In fact, 95 percent of sales are for the foreign market. In addition, please note that its international expansion has not taken into account the geographic proximity of its customers: Hermasa sells its equipment to more than 65 countries in the five continents and serves equally a manufacturer based on the opposite side of the world –in Papua New Guinea, for example- or in neighbouring France.
Hermasa sells its equipment in more than 65 countries in the five continents

Sales in year 2000

  • Home market
  • International market

Sales in year 2019

  • Home market
  • International market
Procesado de sardina

Automatic packing machines, automatic cookers, continuous cookers…

Procesado de atún

Cookers, packing machines, tuna block makers…

Líneas completas

Automatic and semiautomatic lines for tuna and sardine