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Convocatoria de la Junta General Ordinaria de Accionistas

El órgano de administración de Hermasa convoca a los accionistas a la Junta General Ordinaria el próximo 24 de junio en la sede de la empresa en Vigo.

Notice of Ordinary and Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting
of Shareholders of Hermasa Canning Technology

Canning technology for
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If there is anybody out there, anywhere, who has a problem, we design and develop the best solution. Our cutting edge equipment –almost perfect machinery – represents the lengths to which the human being can go when supported by ongoing research. Hermasa is a global brand that operates from its technological centre in the Spanish city of Vigo, alongside Europe’s most important fishing port. To ensure unrivalled quality levels, Hermasa has its production centre within its technological centre, where design engineers exchange experiences with the production technicians who form part of a team with an average of twenty years experience working in the same company.

Our machines

The natural, economic and scientific environment in which Hermasa was created has turned it into the sector’s world reference.

The ‘Silicon Valley’ of fishing and canning technologies in which the Hermasa brand leads the way

Hermasa could only have worked its way to the top in Vigo. Our company is the result of an entrepreneurial and technological character, but it is also the result of a natural and economic environment…

Hermasa is no longer international: we are now a global brand

A few years ago, Hermasa saw its process of internationalisation as the mere export to third countries. Nowadays, its penetration rate in the five continents is so high that it currently considers the world as a single market. In fact, 95 percent of sales are for the foreign market…