HCT® defroster

Low-temperature steam product defrosting.


This device is based on the principle of recirculation of air and low-pressure steam homogeneously.

The temperature of the air and steam mixture can be adjusted from 0 to 30 ºC maximum, depending on the product to be defrosted and the time required.

The equipment has a cooling system with 2 functions:

During the defrosting process, the refrigeration equipment controls the humidity inside the equipment, maintaining it at a constant 100%, so as to facilitate defrosting.

When the defrosting process is over, the product can be kept inside, operating as a maintenance chamber (5-10ºC). For this purpose, the steam injection is shut off and the cooling system continues operating indefinitely until it is decided to end the process.

Available in different capacities according to the product and size of the blocks.

Control panel with touch screen for operating the equipment.

Processor with capacity for different programmes.