Continuous cooker

Machine designed for cooking and drying, if required, the fish, already packed in cans.


The main feature of this machine is that the fish is cooked already packed in the upside down cans, thus allowing the grease and water to drain away during the cooking process and also fish drying, in order to produce an end product having better quality, presence and flavour.

The cans are prepared on grilles, and these are manually introduced into the continuous cooker.

It is available in several sizes according to the required production.

It is highly versatile and accepts any format and can even cook fish on the grilles.

It may or may not include a drying area depending on the required type of product.

It is equipped with independent temperature selectors for the cooking and drying areas, with graphic recorders and temperature sensors.

Energy-efficient machine:

  • It is fitted with a closed serpentine in the drying area and purger for condensate recovery.
  • Automatic temperature control and modulated steam entrance valves.

Single-point recovery of oil and grease produced during cooking so that it can be subsequently recycled.

Constructed in AISI-304 stainless steel.

Supplied with EC certificate.